The Secret to Ariana Grande’s Beautiful Ponytail

Have you ever seen Ariana Grande and wondered about how she manages to have such beautiful, long hair? Well, if you live in the San Jose area, you can achieve the same look. Read on to find out more!

What to do if your hair is damaged?


Ariana GrandeBefore starting her career as a singer, Ariana Grande was an actress. The role Ariana Grande took on for three years before starting to sing professionally forced her to dye her hair every week into a strong red color, which completely wrecked the integrity of her natural hair.

Now, if you have ever seen pictures of her or even saw her live, you know that her signature is her really long ponytail, dark brown hair flowing all the way to her waist. What is her secret? Apparently, hair extensions are what make her hair look so beautiful all this time. The singer has admitted to using hair extensions for a long time now to hide her damaged hair. If you have the same issue with having dyed or bleached your hair for too long, hair extensions are a good solution!




Where can I find the best hair extensions in San Jose?

If you have been Googling “best hair extensions San Jose” and still are not convinced about the options at hand, at LV Hair you will find the best hair extensions in the Bay Area. Leslie and her team of professional hairstylist experts are the finest at what they do. The best way to reach out for their services is to make an appointment for a consultation, in which one of her stylists will look at your hair and figure out the most appropriate solution for you and your budget. They will also offer you tips about how to take care of your extensions afterward.

Do temporary hair extensions have the same quality as the permanent ones?

halo ponytailAnother option is temporary hair extensions.¬† With¬†Halocouture, otherwise known as Halo hair extensions, you can achieve the Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail easily and you do not need to commit to wearing extensions all the time.

Halocouture temporary hair extensions are made of high quality Remi hair, which make for strong, natural hair extensions that you can apply yourself and remove easily. They are actually a better solution if you have a very active lifestyle and do not have the time to care for permanent hair extensions.¬† Check out LV Hair’s Halo Hair Extensions page for more information.

LV Hair carries a variety of options according to the how long you want your hair, if you have any thinning hair areas, and your budget.

If, like Ariana Grande, you only need your hair extensions for specific events, temporary extensions, such as Halocouture are the way to go. Halocouture hair extensions look perfectly natural, and only you will know that you are wearing them. LV Hair even carries the ponytail option you can try on, which mimics perfectly Ariana Grande’s style. You will love it! They are super comfortable and will fit your natural hair perfectly.

Make an appointment at LV Hair to discover all they can do for you. If you are looking for luscious locks that will rock your style, LV Hair is the place to go!